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Carbon Sound and Picture is dedicated to providing the highest quality support for Post Production Professionals. We have technicians experienced in post production and broadcast hardware, software and workflows. Our status in the industry allows us access to top-level support contact at major vendors like Apple, Panasonic, Avid, AJA and many more.

Feel free to call or email us anytime. We're happy to provide assistance whenever possible.

Depot (Carbon Sound and Picture):
$85/hour (Optional $100 Priority Fee)

On-site (Within Toronto):
$150/hour (Optional $100 Priority Fee)

Post Plans:
• 5 hours - $595
• 10 hours - $995
• 20 hours - $1695

1) Discounted Hourly Rate
2) Priority Service (Optional $100 Priority Fee Waived)
3) Discounted Rentals
4) Can be used for on-site installation of systems
5) Does not run out. You can use some now and some next year you need to.
6) Peace of Mind - knowing you can have someone on-site to solve an issue during a project can help you sleep better at night.

Custom Plans:
We can create custom support plans to service your needs. Most custom plans are created to increase the level of support required. This may include:

• After Hours Support
• Guaranteed Response Times
• Support outside of Toronto
• Loaner Hardware